The Bell Tolls for Thee: The Poppy is Also a Flower

James Bond: an Orphan; a man without a family, must defend his few friends in MI6 against a crime family that thinks its drugs have no effect on the rest of the families of mankind...and along the way, he makes a horrific discovery about the true origins of America...a sequel to the 1966 movie by Commander Ian Fleming!

Ian Fleming's last work was the script for the 1966 movie, "The Poppy is Also a Flower" about a team of agents marking poppy plants with low level radiation in order to track all of the merchants of death involved in its cultivation, districution and corruption of the world's societies. In honor of Commander Fleming's long service to mankind in the Royal Navy Reserve and MI6-SIS, and in light of the tragic alleged death of his son to a drug overdose, in this short story updated for today, James Bond travels to Afghanistan and to the Southwest border of the U.S. to smash the drug trafficking once and-for-all with his trusted friend Felix Leiter whose employers are not with clean hands. When Leiter discovers the truth, his USAF C-17 is blown up in flight and Bond has to rescue him from deep inside Iran--also another drug nation-state.

When Moneypenny's daughter almost over-doses on drugs at a teen party, the gloves come off and Bond decides enough-is enough while the Illuminati take steps to attack a MI6 that has decided to take its duty to the people seriously.

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