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July 6th

Zoom in from a satellite surveilling the Earth...

A twin-engined E-8 Poseidon anti-submarine jet is cruising at altitude south of Pakistan over the Arabian Sea....

Keep zooming in until you are inside the aircraft and a screen with a surveillance officer with headset who speaks on the intercom: "No submarines detected"

His watch officer walks over and looks over his shoulder at the screen.

"Good, at least we won't have an Indo-Pakistan war tonight".

A voice from behind them laughs.

They turn around.

"The night is still young, gentlemen, give us time"

James Bond in Special Boat Service (SBS) green beret was sitting with his 4-man team from his old unit, "C" Squadron--and one shapely, dark-skinned female agent on their butts by the escape door; rigged in wet suits, folding swim fins and parachutes.

His host was apologetic.

"I'm sorry about your accommodations Commander Bond; this aircraft was made for anti-submarine warfare work; one of our American officers came up with this combination on his own afterwards, I do apologize".

Bond was grateful.

"We are counting on it."

The P-8 would look to Pakistani radar like it was searching for enemy submarines--not inserting agents or other nefarious acts for MI-6--British Military Intelligence Section 6.

A red light flashed.

Bond and his men removed their berets and donned combination jump/swim goggles tightly on their faces then a padded helmet cap.

The plane banked sharply and dived to lower altitude.

"Prepare to drop sonobuoy"

A young crewman grabbed a sonobuoy and placed it in a launch tube.

Bond opened up the side escape door.

His men looked back at him.

"You gents haven't jumped from a perfectly good airplane at 300 miles per hour before?"

Their blank stares said they hadn't.

"Remember to crouch into a ball upon exit. Russian style. The Russkies do it, so can we. After you get a good canopy steer towards me and lower your swim fins. Undo your chest strap and I'll steer us into the wind; as soon as you feel water undo your split saddle leg straps and slide out of your harness and swim to me. Got it?"

In unison the team replied "Airborne, Sir".

"Sound off for equipment check!"

"One Ok..." The team members each sent the reply forward..."Three OK..."

The plane throttled back and leveled off.

"All OK, Jumpmaster".

Bond gave them the 1 minute sign.

The green light flashed and Bond squirted out into the black light as a human meatball into the violent 300 mile per hour slipstream. His team followed...with one female agent. ..and a sonobuoy.

Bond's T-10D canopy opened first and he slipped risers to face into the wind....just 200 feet below...unfolding his swim fins and undoing his chest strap he hit the water and slipped out from his harness, swimming out and upwind to find the sonobuoy. His team members soon joined him. Bond reached into the sonobuoy and spoke into a telephone radioing back to the P-8 that they had all safely inserted.

Back in the plane, the watch operator relayed the message to the flight crew.

"God, Speed, Commander are going to need it".

Just weeks before, an Indian passenger airliner was shot down by accident by a Pakistani Air Force F-16...the two countries were on the verge of war. Caught unawares, MI6 had to assume that all its agents were compromised and decided to insert a new agent by a radically new means instead of posing as a tourist and relying on his or her's biometric scanning to be looked the other way. Four MI6 agents were dead. England was blind.

Bond's team began kicking steadily to shore.

Arriving on shore, the SBS team, folded their fins up and fanned out quickly into a diamond formation and hugged the sand dunes.

Waiting a moment and not hearing a thing, they began moving slowly towards a slight terrain rise. That's when all hell broke loose!


Muzzle flashes from the bluffs barked out, tracer bullets ripping into the team and causing the female agent to cry out. She was hit; how bad no one knew.

Bond's men began to fire back using fire & maneuver.

Bond fired 40mm grenades from his grenade launcher under his L119A1 Canadian Diemaco C8 SFW carbine 5.56mm assault rifle, the crump...crump..crump of tiny explosions silencing the enemy machine gun...

"Let's go! I'll grab the girl".

Bond quickly placed her in a plastic SKEDCO litter and began to drag her behind his back as he ran firing his weapon, the plastic sliding action freeing her to enable Bond to make a quick escape.

The team made it to the bluffs to see an angry collection of Pakistani tracked armored vehicles driving towards them kicking up sand. Heavy machine gun tracers reaching out them...

"Emergency extraction! Get them on the horn"

Bond led his team away from the tracked tanks towards a high set of rocks to hopefully get them at least a temporary stand-off.

Reaching the rocks, Bond layed the girl down and He did a quick primary survey, running his hands over her exquisite body and glorious nipples that protruded even under her wet suit. Checking her vital signs, he then unzipped her wet suit, discovering a red letter just under her left bosom taped to her underchest. Placing it in his pocket, he found the chest wound--a sucking type. He placed an Asherman chest bandage on the bullet hole to seal it and give it a relief valve. His men were returning fire steadily. The female Pakistani agent awoke when he placed the I.V. in her.


"You are going to be alright...we are getting you out of here"

Bond kissed her as he gave her a syrette of morphine to make her go to sleep.

He called out to his radioman;

"Where's our extraction copter?"

"15 Minutes, sir!"



Surrounded, bullets criss-crossed over them forcing them down into the rocks.

Then the SpeedHawk appeared; half-airplane, half-helicopter. Dropping fast ropes with extraction loops.

"All right, boys, give it to them!"

Bond's men launched their smoke rifle grenades at the enemy now just 200 meters away.

"Get your donkey tails ready!"

His men unclipped a strap with a snaplink from the back of their load bearing vests; Bond undid the girl's and his...waiting for the two ropes to drag by...

"I got the starboard rope, Sir!"

The noise was deafening as the SpeedHawk's 30mm automatic cannon nose gun began barking shells to blast the Pakis...

"You and Jones get that rope! Davis and I will get the other one"

Clipping themselves to the ropes they didn't even pass by as the chopper lifted off and began climbing away...Bond and his men firing their weapons at their pursuers below....

Finally reaching safety over the Arabian sea, Bond and his men were out of ammo. Holding the girl tight to his chest, he couldn't resist the temptation to reach into his pocket and read the red letter.

Placing a small tethered red lens "bite-light" flashlight into his mouth, Bond opened the letter while dangling 50 feet under the chopper flying at 100+ mph.

It read:

"You are invited to a Masquerade Ball on July 7th at the Embassy of Pakistan"


Everything is Not What it Appears

A James Bond Short Story by Mike Sparks

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