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Ian Fleming's Red Indians

Commandos to Funnies to Cavalry

By Mike Sparks

Admiral Mountbatten connects the legacy of the Commandos to Ian Fleming's James Bond

James Bond is For Real.

So what is a Commando?

A Commando uses stealth to surprise his enemies so as to attack them when they are unprepared. British Prime Minster Winston Churchill created the modern-day Commandos inspired by his direct experience fighting the South Africans 4 decades earlier. British Commandos using stealth, speed and unorthodox tactics raided the European coastlines causing the German troops occupying these territories to suffer casualties, loss of confidence and most importantly to force their commanders to station large units scattered all over. He that tries to defend everything ends up defending nothing because he is spread so thin along the still very large Planet Earth. Thus, at the point-of-contact, Commandos have local superiority in numbers as well as surprise if qualitatively they are better than the mediocre troops on guard. The video clip below explains the Commando ideal further:


Fascism; the homogenization of everyone good on one extreme and bad on another into one lowest common denominator (LCD) groupthink at best gets everyone into an above-average condition. When people marvel at the German troops of WW2 yet wonder why they were defeated, they fail to understand that they represent A LOT OF ABOVE AVERAGE (ALOAV). A lot of above average will not defeat a tremendously humongous mediocre (THM) as represented by the Soviet peasant armies which over time gained in their mean-ness and their qualitative aspects as seen in their T34 medium tanks, their PPsh sub-machine guns, Katyusha multiple rocket launchers, IL-2 Sturmovik armored attack planes--and other nasty surprises. ALOAV will also not necessarily defeat democracies where differences of opinion are not homogenized but are cultivated so all aspects of a situation are considered such that there are SMALL GROUPS OF THE TRULY EXCELLENT (SGTEs) as well as a majority that is truly apathetic. In WW2, after being forced into war, the truly innovative, self-actualizing adults were compelled--and allowed--by the bureaucracies overseeing the apathetic to come forward and play leading roles. The cream rose to the top. Commandos are SGTEs.

British Commandos


(1942) Special Series No.1 - British Commandos by Inveteratus

James Bond author Royal Navy Commander understood commando actions well and created his own "Red Indians"--30 Assault Unit to accompany main bodies then dart ahead to snatch code books, military equipment and prisoners for intelligence leverage.


When pitted against the ALOAVs, the SGTEs will usually win if they play their cards right and don't get surrounded and overwhelmed by the fascist's numbers as U.S. Army Rangers were at Cisterna in 1944. The individual German Soldier at Cisterna probably was no match against an Army Ranger, but with a stronger force structure with tanks and artillery--firepower and armored maneuver, ALOAV beats SGTEs that over-rely on stealth and surprise and is caught in the open.

So let's step back and see what we faced in 1942.

British Commonwealth and Americans = Apathetic + SGTEs

Germans = ALOAVs

Soviet Russians = THMs

What this looked like on Europe was the ALOAVs in stalemate against the THMs on the Russian front--with the latter on the verge of collapse had it not been for the winter weather and some truly heroic VDV paratroopers and some light tanks stopping the Nazis from reaching Moscow. In fact, this is how WW2 should have panned out sooner in 1939--had not British Prime Minister Chamberlain gone against the advice of MI6 to let Hitler's ALOAV Nazis go east through Poland and annihilate themselves against Stalin's THM Communists. It appears weak egoling Chamberlain let MI5 brow beat him by accusations that he was a wimp into making the nearly fatal declaration that England would defend Poland, resulting in Stalin signing a non-aggression pact with Germany and sending Hitler westward into the western Allies.


Had it not been for appeasers cleverly cultivating friendship for Hitler such that he never developed the amphibious means to invade England, by the time he decided he needed to, it was too late.


After Hitler had nearly annihilated the British/French at Dunkirk, saved by Commander Ian Fleming's naval evacuation, he turned on Stalin's Russia that was offensively organized with VDV Paratroopers, light tanks, some of which could fly with glider kits and others with Walter Christie's track-wheel combinations to rapidly move along roads into attack positions. Former Russian military intelligence (GRU) agent, Vladimir Rezun (pen-name Victor Suvorov) contends Stalin was getting ready to invade Germany as the "ice breaker" for a continued march through all of Europe because communism needed to expand to show it was the correct political philosophy. Hitler caught the Russians in an offensive posture and nearly routed them to Moscow but time/distance/weather slowed him down just enough for the few SGTEs the Russians had to save the day.

It's a paradox of both fascist and communist mentalities that seek to homogenize everyone into their versions of a LCD that they are forced by circumstance to have at least some SGTE elite units. The reason is without an extraordinary force that is more mobile than the ordinary force as Sun Tzu describes it, there is no surprise possible with a large main body doing its thing overtly. Another word for extraordinary force is CAVALRY. Men on horseback, other vehicles that are more mobile than the main body to achieve effects in advance or in lieu of them.

1942-43: The Commando Mentality Reaches Its Logical End

So where do commandos end and main force units begin?

Swelled by success in numerous commando raids, the British expanded these units to the point where they wondered if they could take large, overt targets like a defended port with them? As an island nation of just 45 million people, for England to have an empire required them to use smaller forces of a higher quality using naval mobility to be wherever they were needed. There were many senior British military leaders like General Brooke that thought Nazi Germany could be defeated by pin-prick raids over time all over their newly grabbed empire--followed up by guerrilla warfare uprisings. However, with Stalin's THMs on the ropes, the brash Americans wanted to invade Europe with 10 divisions and march on Berlin and end it ASAP. However the ALOAV Nazis had 90 divisions ready to pounce on a mere 10 divisions and send them back to the sea. As a compromise, the British agreed to launch a large-scale raid on the defended port of Dieppe to relieve pressure on Stalin in the East and to see how their commando-unit amphibious warfare methodology would work if "super-sized". Admiral Mountbatten leader of combined forces made some mistakes in the rigid planning for the Dieppe operation and for not having one man clearly in charge able to react and overlying on surprise; but his aim to use commando operations as a R&D test bed for the D-Day landings has been vindicated. Had radio operators on foot somehow not been killed, at best they would have signaled to the force commander to not land any more troops to be slaughtered.

While most people know Dieppe was a disaster, they don't fully understand WHY it was a demarcation of the limits of commando action and the beginning where the main body has to have some ALOAV type strengths and thus cannot remain apathetically mediocre. There were two commando assaults on the left and right flanks of the Dieppe beach landings that snuck in and suppressed or destroyed long-range artillery batteries that forced the troop ships to offload their men into landing craft from 12 miles out. To show how fragile the margin of error in commando surprise is, 3 Commando got separated and one element landed exactly when 5 Commando landed on the opposite side of Dieppe--achieving surprise and accomplishing their suppression of enemy long-range fire objectives. The other part of 3 Commando landed 20 minutes late and was creamed by enemy fire trying to get off their landing craft.

Without heavy naval bombardment to blast and blind the Germans in their fortifications and no paratroopers landed in their rear to isolate them, when the Canadians landed on Dieppe they were met with heavy fire that annihilated them. If there was any consolation to Dieppe, it reinforced in the German's minds that the Allies could not land and defeat them, and that they wanted and needed to take a defended port to do otherwise. In other words, there is a limit to what surprise can achieve; it cannot overcome soon alerted enemies that haven't been unhinged.


Overt or Covert?

For SGTEs like Commandos to work, they need a CONTEXTUAL "John Wayne" situation created by the main overt bodies for them to sneak-in and play "James Bonds". On the other hand, for the John Waynes not to get creamed, they need the James Bonds to land first and unhinge the enemy as much as possible. Everyone should not and cannot be either John Wayne or James Bond. The British after Dieppe rapidly realized that their main bodies would have to be "special" and not rely on someone else to get them ashore and overcome obstacles for them. With surprise gone, they could not on foot lay explosives to blast open obstacles to get off the beach, so they created General Percy Hobart's "Funnies" combat engineer or "sapper" tanks:


The British also knew that they needed to land at HIGH TIDE and avoid as many beach obstacles as possible by frogmen SGTEs and land their funny tanks. So on D-Day, June 6, 1944, the British pummeled the Germans with a long and heavy naval gunfire and landing craft rocket bombardment and also laid extensive smokescreens to blind the Germans. Behind them, they landed paratroopers by parachute and gliders--some with light tanks that caused the Germans to not counter-attack. In short, the landings on Gold, Sword and Juno beaches were a cake-walk with British Commandos on bicycles rapidly pushing inland to secure the flank of the beaches nearest where German ALOAV Panzer units would counter-attack.

Farther south, the clueless Americans not sure whether they should be John Waynes or James Bonds nearly ruined the entire operation. General Eisenhower appointed as Supreme Commander because Americans were contributing the most troops, made one good decision that enabled the invasion to succeed: he decided to land in an opening between bad weather that resulted in the German Navy not even leaving port that day. Body Guard of Lies author Anthony Cave Brown concluded that the decision to land in bad weather was THE most important thing that enabled us to win WW2 second only to the Ultra Secret and its BOL deceptions that spread the German 90 divisions all over Europe so they could not converge on Normandy. However weeks before, Eisenhower had made a bad decision that Americans would land at LOW TIDE so our landing craft without aid of frogmen clearing obstacles could be spared. So while the British were still blasting German fortifications waiting for the tide to come in and land on small beaches, Americans would be landing exposed onto huge beach areas criss-crossed by artillery, mortar, rifle and machine gun fire. That is if they even reach the beaches....

Unwilling to count on Army Ranger SGTE action to take out the German long-range guns at Point du Hoc, General Bradley had the transport ships for Omaha beach off-load from 11 miles out to stay out of 155mm gun range. This put our tiny landing craft in extreme jeopardy due to the weather and many sank before even reaching the beach. A panic-stricken Navy commander off-loaded the few Hobart's Funnies Bradley accepted--the swimming DD Sherman tanks too far from shore so most sank and only a few reached the beach to provide fire support. The Air Force medium and heavy bombers dropped their bombs too far inland, so the landing craft that made it to Omaha were cut to pieces and exploded to bits as depicted in Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan. In that movie and the earlier The Longest Day, the day was saved by individual foot infantry and combat engineer action--the very things that had failed in the first place. This lie subsidizes the continuation of the current mediocre foot infantry we have in the Army and USMC that neither wants to be SGTE or ALOAV. The truth is that Omaha beach was saved by courageous U.S. Navy destroyer commanders placing their ships at point blank range to blast the Germans with their small 5" guns to suppress the German's fire enough so commanders could walk up and down the beach and get men on to their feet to attack.


On Omaha beach, the aircraft bombardment accidentally started grass fires that created smokescreens we should have created on purpose in the first place. When our troops landed, they realized the Navy had off-loaded them at the wrong beach that was undefended, but smart General Teddy Roosevelt had the balls to reinforce success and send the rest of the 4th Infantry Division to him and fight their way back to where they should be by attacking the Germans from the rear. He deserved his Congressional Medal of Honor that day in spades.

1944-45: we win WW2 by SGTEs + THMs = Rockefeller Nazis Pissed Off

The people most enraged at the failure of the Hitler experiment were the Rockefeller Illuminati Wall Street bankers who believed (and still do) that fascist LCD homogenizing makes for the strongest human society. They did not then and still do not today understand that the greatest common denominator (GCD) can only be achieved by FREEDOM where all ideas are examined, tried and then perfected from ALL the people not just the snobs in power. So while they were mass-producing mediocre Me109s, we were producing even more P-51s, P-47s and P-38s. By the time the Nazis realized their ALOAV wasn't large enough to defeat the Russians, it was too late for them to get SGTE quality in the form of Me262 jet fighters and "V" weapons to turn the tide.


Eisenhower and other D-Day planners chose Normandy because our mediocre ground forces were far weaker than the German ALOAV forces qualitatively and needed air superiority in the form of fighters and bombers to blast the German panzer formations. Air superiority was dictated by what was within fighter range so our fighters could stay up in the air longer, ruling out landing closer to Berlin say west of Denmark. To be blunt, the American Army and marines have over-relied on our air forces as crutches to excuse away their systemic weakness and malignant narcissistic-created incompetence.

After the initial D-Day landings, we only held on because the British deception campaign had scattered the German panzer formations so when they tried to converge on Normandy they were ambushed by allied fighter-bombers and French guerrilla groups empowered by MI6, the Special Operations Executive (SOE), and our own Office of Strategic Services (OSS). After Berlin fell, the Rockefeller Illuminati vowed to never again let the common sense adults get into power of America's military, resulting in the disastrous National Security Act of 1947 creating the dysfunctional Department of Defense, the malignant narcissist USMC, the head-in-the-clouds USAF and the Nazi CIA promoting Rockefeller business interests overseas and here at home by sabotage and subversion. One way to refer to this cabal is the military-industrial congressional complex, MICC-TT or "MILINDCOMP" for short. The MILINDCOMP does not want a moral and competent U.S. military that will either say "no!" to their 9/11 false flag war rackets like Afghanistan/Iraq or if they go on the fool's errand, they smother the conflict with military excellence using walls, sensor-security fences, manned observation/attack planes, quick reaction forces (QRFs) from mobile off-shore bases etc. They want mediocre troops foot-slogging and truck-hopping by the thousands to maximum soak $$$ the tax payers by endless wars caused by our troop presence. Having the indigs killing each other when not our gullible troops divides and conquers territories for MILINDCOMP profits and control.

What Does This Mean For Us Today?

Thus, today, we are still in the Omaha beach conundrum of having a small amount of SGTEs that need surprise that if they don't get it, get creamed, and a main body of weak mediocrity that is supposed to do the heavy fighting--but lacks the mechanized means to overcome combat situations where surprise is long gone. I'm talking about the entire absurd foot-slogging and truck-bound USMC, and the Army's Light Infantry and Stryker Brigade Combat Teams that will be pinned down and suffer heavy casualties the minute they start receiving accurate enemy tube, rocket artillery, missile and mortar fires. Omaha Beach, Task Force Smith and Beirut will be the situation all over because we have not ascertained the pattern of war and that Mediocrity + SGTEs vs. ALOAVs = Invitation to Failure. We can no longer afford main bodies that are mediocre; this is the lesson from Dieppe we have yet to learn. Of course, western bureaucracies want to homogenize everyone into mediocrity and not any kind of war-like fascist-style ALOAV; they run their men through fear and humiliation and cannot trust them to practice war with live ammunition. Western bureaucracies will only grudgingly trust a few elite SGTE units to be "high speed". If our SGTEs cannot collapse the enemy before the main mediocre body lands, we could easily have another disaster and military defeat. Maybe that's what America needs to learn some humility and professionalism? The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has already experienced a high-tech precision guided munitions (PGM) "Omaha Beach" in southern Lebanon in 2006--when it tried to foot slog and expel fortified Hezbollah guerrillas. American-style air bombardment did not dislodge the enemy.

The only part of America's ground forces equipped to fight in the face of effective enemy fire, our decreasing number of Heavy Brigade Combat Teams are ALOAV but lacking in warrior spirit to do anything but stampede the enemy in their vast numbers of tracked tanks. Repeated calls for the HBCTs to "get the lead out" and make themselves useful in operations in Afghanistan where their lighter M113 Gavin tracks could keep our men off roads where land mines await those that walk or ride in wheeled trucks have gone for naught since they are content to sit out in the Fort Hood motor pool waiting for another Fulda Gap, Desert Storm or march to Baghdad mission to come up. The Army and marine bureaucracies had to be forced by DoD civilians reacting to common sense public outcry over preventable casualties to adapt to the land mine threat by wheeled MRAP trucks when they should be spending precious R&D monies to v-hull shape their light tracks to at least improve our Special Forces, Rangers and Paratroops to have air-transportable, cross-country, armored and stealthy mobility in the face of enemy fire--and not be fatally dependant upon surprise. A defacto cavalry by a different name.



The time has come for our Commandos to become Cavalry. If you study Suvorov's Inside the Aquarium carefully, you will notice that even when Spetsnaz sabotage and intelligence gathering SGTEs are parachute-dropped behind enemy lines, they look to capture an enemy vehicle or armored personnel carrier (APC) to conduct their operations from a position of strength. We misinterpret reports of Spetsnaz PRACTICE operations where for the sake of the Blue Forces they are attacking they do not take vehicles and do their mischief on foot albeit at high levels of mobility by their ultra light combat loads.


I suspect that in addition to developing secret, new means to stealthily infiltrate by parachutes and aircraft, Russian Spetsnaz teams have specially-made light tracked APC/light tanks just for their covert operations akin to the BMD family their VDV brethren use.

Thank goodness, the Russians are our defacto allies these days.



30 AU used these gunjeeps with CLEAR gunshields


1:6 Dragon SAS Raider 4x4 Truck Northwest European Theater 1944 - DR75042


Ubiquitous WWII-Korean War era 4-wheel drive utility Willys MB Jeep as modified by the British SAS in the ETO. Kit has detailed chassis frame, suspension and driveline (no engine), radiator grille with cutaway slats, fully rendered passenger interior with behind-seat storage boxes, hinged hood, removable axe and shovel, rack with detachable petrol cans, dual Vickers K machine gun mounts with armor shield (x2), cloth strap material, metal reinforcing screws and brackets, metal rear axle and vinyl tires. Painting reference for a typical British Army vehicle - includes peel-and-stick gauges, dash placards and rearview mirror face.

007 James Bond author, Commander Ian Fleming's 30 Assault Unit intelligence-gathering commandos used these same type of armored, gunshielded jeeps as WW2 ended: combatreform.org/redindians.htm

You can integrate 12" G.I. sized action figures with this jeep!


WWII-era raiders; 36 unpainted, soft plastic figures (34 full and 2 partial) in 15 action poses. Also includes kayak and 2 ladders - 40 pieces total.


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"Red Indians" F-104 Starfighter of the Canadian Air Force recognizes the Camp-X linkage of Commander Ian Fleming who gave birth to agent James Bond in his 007 novels. Moreover, "The Saint" a very-James Bond-like TV hero played by Sir Roger Moore who later played Bond in films is also very cogent.

James Bond is For Real.