Bond arrived by taxi at the Pakistani embassy on time. Donning his mask, he was greeted into a fabulously decorated ball room with red carpet all around. Young men and women were dancing behind masks and would surely couple for the night...that's when he saw HER.

Across the room he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen; except for one...

He glided across to her.

Their eyes met.

The fire between them was already intense.

But something was wrong. Her joy gave way to abject fear. He had crashed in on a secret society meeting; he did not belong.

And she knew who he was.

"James, what are you doing here?"

Bond, always a quick study; took her elegantly out to the balcony to not draw attention as the couples danced in seductive mystery. He also knew exactly who she was, he had learnt in the service to recognize people by their bodily appearance.

"What's going on here? An op?"

Her eyes answered yes.

Bond knew he--and they were being set up.

"How much time have we got left?"

She was utterly terrified.

"5 minutes, tops"

Bond knew it was a smash 'n grab.

"You are all being set-up. How are you to get the documents out?"

Still playing coy, she played dumb.

"Excuse, me?"

A minute had already been lost.

"A bomb by the safe will go off in 4 minutes--she glanced at her watch---...and 47 seconds...we connect them to a weather ballon on the roof and let it go"

Bond was enraged.

"And the Pakistani Quick Reaction Force fast ropes in--after gunning you all down---"

She was almost faint from the betrayal.

"But this was our graduation exercise"

"You are graduating to the morgue...get the rest of your team together by the stairs, NOW!!!"

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