Rooftop Battle

The Pakistani Embassy Under Siege

Bond addressed the team at the staircase.

"Who is who here, quickly?"

The MI6 Officer Candidates introduced themselves;

"I'm Anne...Anne Tanner."

Bond let the reality settle in again.

"and we are called "Team Omega".

Bond grimaced. Omega meant the end.

"I'm John Stoyen, I'm the reach-back computer geek."

He was muscular and fit so Bond sized up that he was capable of action, too.

"I'm Kevin Heinlen I'm a pilot."

"Can you fly a chopper?" He shook his head NO.

Bond cursed. That eliminated stealing one of the Pakistani choppers he knew was already in-bound.

Finally, a raven-haired woman behind a mask next to Anne.

"Sheila Marks; interpreter"

MI6 Agents Anne Tanner and Sheila Marks

"I hope you can talk in bullets. Any of you armed?"

Their body expressions were "no" since they were under cover.

"Right. Let's get everyone but the snatchers on to the roof. Who is snatching?"

Anne said she and John were rushing to the safe.

Bond glanced at his watch.

"We have 2 minutes 35 seconds."

Bond did a quick calculation.

"Heinlen and Sheila come with me to the roof."

Bond ripped his shirt.

"You are injured. Go get some red sauce to pour on him...Sheila, move!"

Anne and John sped up the stairs towards the ambassador's office.

Bond and Heinlen rushed to the roof.

2: 05

At the roof, Bond found the widest open area likely for the choppers to hover over for the fast rope insertion....

"Lay down here".

As Heinlen layed down, Sheila came running with a bottle of catsup.


As she poured the red stuff on him, Bond looked for his hiding place, selecting a vent box and air conditioning unit. He darted to it.


"Whatever you do, keep on playing the part that he is seriously wounded and needs immediate rescue."


Bond glanced at his watch and cursed.


Flames shot out from the windows beneath the embassy roof.

Alarms sounded, people screamed.

Off in the distance Bond heard helicopter rotors.

"How convenient, they were just in the area filled with assault troops, too".

The first chopper came in and started prep fire on the roof then stopped when they saw Heinlen and Sheila.

Bond yelled them not to move.

The gunfire sweep was called off; and out came two fast ropes from the first helicopter....the first team of Pakistani Special Forces slide down.....

Bond noticed there were wearing night vision goggles (NVGs) and would also have bad depth perception so they'd slide down cautiously and bad peripherial vision to their sides....

Bond darted to the first man who touched down, cold cocking him with a punch to his chin and taking his suppressed MP5 9mm sub-machine gun. The second man was coming down right on top of him, as he rolled away and let him land just long enough to kick him in the groin and chop him at the base of his neck.

The other team on the opposite rope had rushed to Sheila and Heinlen and were talking to them as he finished off the third man coming down. The fast ropes were disconnected and dropped before the chopper flew off. The second chopper began its run-in. Firing into the air, Bond forces the pilot to flare and stop his approach. Aiming in on the engine to disable it, Bond fires controlled bursts, forcing the chopper to abort trailing smoke.

The 3 troops talking to Sheila look back and open fire on Bond. Heinlen comes to life and leg tackles one as Sheila knocks away the commander with the hand-held radio. The third trooper opens fire on Bond bust shoots far too high.

Temporarily out-of-ammo with an empty magazine, Bond hits the roof and crawls to the nearest wounded Paki trooper for his ammo pouches...

The third trooper takes a knee and goes to switch mags. It's a race to see who reloads first!

The Paki trooper's new rounds impact into his buddy's body shielding Bond.

Then Anne Tanner burst out into the roof door causing the man to swivel...BRAAP! BRAPP!

Two PPK rounds to the face and down he went.

Anne rushing him with her PPK out stretched.

Another helicopter has flared and dropped its two ropes....Bond rushes towards it and ties one around an antennae pole then fires his MP5 at the chopper that drops and smashes and explodes against the side of the building.

Anne rushes with John to Bond holding the documents from the safe.

"We are to inflate a balloon here and attach the documents to them."

Bond realizes they need to offer a token find.

"Take out most of the documents and keep them in your rucksack. Send only some of the last pages probably some appendixes...Go fill that balloon, and send it off...we got to get out of here"

Stoyen takes the documents and rucksack to where he knows the balloon and tank are.

Anne was worried.

"We are stuck here?"

"No, go get me the end of that fast rope"

Bond attaches one of the ropes to roof using his rigger's belt to a secure antenna mast.

"Hurry! get that balloon going!"

Bond knows they just have seconds.

"Everyone get your shoes off and put your socks on your hands! We got to slide down this rope."

Stoyen runs up to Bond.

"The balloon is launched"

"Good. Get your shoes off and put your socks on your hands. This is going to hurt...go slow"

Bond slides down the fast rope to the ground below....pandemonium is all around....he catches Anne and collects the others.

"Follow me! There is an open gate there....we must get as far away as possible before a dragnet encircles us..."

Bond leads the team through the gate into the darkened chaos of cars in the busy city...

And just in the nick of time; the building explodes and collapses 9/11 style; a terrific ground floor explosion starts a chain reaction of other explosions leveling the building--and sending all the unfortunate people inside to their deaths...

After the firefighters discover there is nothing they can do, a media frenzy calling for an Indo-Pakistani war begins....

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