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1st TSG (A) EDITOR'S NOTE: Another revolutionary feature of Battle Boxes is that as they create actual combat FOBs for units all the time in CONUS, their combat vehicles are also "alive" (Dr. Frankenstein: "Its AAALIVEEEEE!") right there either parked tactically or stored in a Battle Box for covered maintenance. There is no dispatches or paperwork to fill out, you hop in vehicle and drive it/man it, train with it.

Motor pools are places where vehicles are locked up because the narcissist tyrants do not trust the unwasheds to use the vehicles and they want them not used as much as possible to cut costs and be the BS garrison phony sham that's not combat ready one iota that they want to be. That's the truth and its high time we face it and start fighting this bullshit not make excuses for it.


EVERYBODY goes "home" after a day combat training with the BattleBoxes. The goal is everybody off post and growing up into responsible adults who have a grip on what civilian life is so they are not the current, pampered, condescending narcissistic snobs we currently have who brutalize civilians when they get a chance:

The reason why we want to "pull-the-rug-out" from the garrison lifestyle is to force lazy human nature to drop the snobbery that comes from spit n polish and work together within BattleBoxes that force them to be in the field. To use street jargon, "be real".

Other things we need to do culturally in our military would be to stop winking at and encouraging snobbery and narcissism via an IDF style ethos:

A Soldier writes:

"Yes, showpiece lawns and display buildings are unneeded and should be kept to a bare minimum.  Barracks should be transitional and temporary only. All Soldiers should get paid a flat BAQ based on rank only, not on dependents. This eliminates the double standard for married/ unmarried Soldiers and reduces maintenance needs greatly. Also creates a stronger economy around bases, making them more welcomed by the community. Increases recruitment of single and profesional level Soldiers, while reducing the Army's image as social welfare. A married w/ kids single income private will probably qualify for foodstamps. And that's OK. Good healthcare and reasonable family support would still make it a strong option for a young married man with a kid, but he would need to want to be there. Plenty of room for both field raining and *home* life.

Keep the battle containers ready to go and use them on field problems so that units get good at setting them up, and you have allready improved deployment time, since arms room racks can be designed to slide right in and they could act as *in use* storage lockers for Unit equipment.  The 'office' style ones would probably be stored except for NTCs and deployments, but as long as they have their own unique equipment sets, they will still speed deployment. just some thoughts"

In the beginning, we will be saddled with barracks on post which will be utilized until we get BattleBoxes going. Once BBs are going, we need to fix the housing funding hypocrisy described above and get everybody off post even if they are under 25 and immature. I say take our lumps and go from there. The baby sitting and resultant lawn/building care must end. The standard must be when you are "on" you are a combat dressed and ready Soldier. When you are "off" you can unwind and be human and its not for us to nit pick that and brow beat Soldiers into a half Soldier/half civilian mentality of "garrison" which is the 99.9% lifestyle we live today when on active duty.

Building on this, I'd like to see some armored buses or commuter trains built into military posts so troops can get to their BattleBoxes without need of POVs and the accident risks attendent. However POVs in the beginning.

Yes, having troops live off post is a risk for them being attacked by terrorists, however it does disperse them so they are not lumped together WMD targets like human versions of the P-40s parked in rows at Hickam Field during the Pearl Harbor attack (see photo above). It raises the question of having Soldiers IDF and Swiss style take their weapons and NBC gear home with them each day. Again, in the beginning, weapons stay locked in secure vaults in designated BattleBoxes.