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Breaking the Garrison Bureaucracy Phalanx?

Colonel Douglas Macgregor and others propose in books like "Breaking the Phalanx", "Transformation under Fire", "Air-Mech-Strike" the necessity to CO-LOCATE desirable elements together for all-arms effects.. But you'll notice all-out, co-location only happens for the first time when you are in some wide-open desert during time of war.


Take Fort Bragg, North Carlina, the U.S. Army's 4th largest post.

35th Signal is off Reilly road behind Burger King. 20th Engineers are down Gruber road adjacent to them but not in practical walking distance. Way down the road is Simmons Army air field where the Army aviators are. The USAF is in their own fenced base at Pope AFB adjacent, yes but still miles away. The 82nd Airborne is again miles down Gruber road....etc. etc. for all units on Fort Bragg.


Each is off in their own little bureaucratic world.

So even if you got Macgregor/AMS type units built, AS LONG AS THEY ARE PHYSICALLY NOT CO-LOCATED SO THE PEOPLE INVOLVED HAVE TO ACTUALLY LIVE AND TRAIN TOGETHER there will be no synergism. This is why we must cut the "gordian knot" of garrison bullshit once and for all!

No more buildings!

Get everyone out of these BS buildings and put them and EVERYTHING THEY OWN into ISO container Battle Boxes and plop them down onto a huge piece of training ground where THEY MUST LIVE AND TRAIN TOGETHER. EVERY DAMN DAY everyone puts ALL of their combat gear on and trains instead of Beetle Baily garrison horseshit.

For Army Aviators, no more of their BS lying excuses why they cannot co-locate when they have helicopters that can take off and land vertically (V/TOL). We put their helicopters on trailers and they damn well better start being there with the rest of us. If their overly complex helos need too much pampering, we get them armored crop-duster fixed-wing aircraft that can fly 24/7/365 and move by trailers. The Stukas and Storches of WW2 didn't need pampered air bases far from the maneuver troops.

Furthermore, a lot of people curse the darkness of the Military-Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC) and fail to shed any light on exactly how the MICC corrupts our military. Simply put, pacifist Congressmen/women will shower $BILLIONS of dollars on the military to BUILD BS CIVILIAN BUILDINGS on posts which bog Soldiers down in lawn and building care so they cannot warfight, while maintaining an illusion that they are "Pro-Defense". They are pro-defense SPENDING but they are not pro-defense. They say they are taking care of the troops etc. so they have better building comfort to live in, when really they are getting local jobs (pork) so they can please local voters and get themselves re-elected. Meanwhile, the light tanks and other weaponry needed to win battles SO TROOPS CAN COME AS LIVING HEROES AND NOT DEAD ONES IN FLAG-DRAPED COFFINS do not get a dime.

The military brass should stop accepting civilian building pork/bribe money and demand that these funds be used to put ourselves into ISO container Battle Boxes and onto lands we can train on free from eco-nazis (ITAM) wanting to save a handful of woodpeckers when if we do not field an effective military an enemy nuclear attack is going to harm the environment 1,000,000 times more.