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Phillip Coppens writes in his online book, This is not America on page 63:

Even though Ruby fired only one shot, in the lower abdomen, the bullet ruptured two mains arteries carrying blood to the heart. It also tore through the spleen, liver, pancreas and Oswald’s right kidney. Oswald remained conscious for a few minutes after being shot. The police gave Oswald mouth to mouth resuscitation, ‘trying’ to save his life. What they were really doing was killing him. A man with abdominal wounds is not helped if somebody is pushing on his abdomen as hard as he can.

Detective Billy Combest, seemingly convinced Oswald was the killer, said that, sitting on his hands and knees beside Oswald, he asked Oswald “if he would like to make any confessions, any statement in connection with the assassination of the President... Several times he responded to me by shaking his head in a definite matter”. By the time Oswald was put into an ambulance, it was clear to anybody there wouldn’t be any trial for the ‘accused’ assassin of the President.

Oswald was not killed instantly, but by attempting artificial respiration a Dallas police inspector managed to aggravate his internal hemorrhaging. Another accomplice was planted at Parkland Hospital where Oswald was taken, and it appears that his intervention hastened Oswald's death.

We do not agree that the single .38 bullet did all this damage. Whoever hopped into the ambulance with LHOwhoever knifed his wound, possibly DPD detective Billy Combest who has eagerly gone on record saying LHOwhoever was clenching his fist in a Commie salute as he lay dying. 1