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This has always been a troubling aspect...LHO = Conspiracy.

A better patsy would be someone who was unhappy with NO TIES TO ANY CONSPIRATORIAL GROUP, PUBLIC OR PRIVATE. Like TSBD Frazier. Why not him?

Why select/target Harvey Oswald for patsy elimination?

Because it was retaliation for LHOwhoever spoiling the planned Chicago assassination of JFK.

Phillip Coppen's This is Not America [], page 152:


On November 2, 1963, President Kennedy was scheduled to visit Chicago for the Army-Air Force game at Soldier's Field. To be totally impartial, he was also scheduled to sit in each team’s camp for one half of the match.

Even though he himself had to appear impartial, the White House staff tried everything to give Chicago a good view of the President, probably not intending someone could thus more easily shoot at him. Scheduled to arrive at llh00 at O’Hare, a motorcade was planned on the Northwest Expressway down to the Loop. As in Dallas, the motorcade had to make a slow left-hand turn on the Jackson Street exit to reach the stadium. To make matters worse for the security people, about 45 groups would be crowding the area. With so many people planning to see the President, a few nuts would certainly try to do the same.

On Wednesday, October 30, 1963, the Secret Service learned of such a threat. The FBI had received information from their informant “Lee” that there an attempt to assassinate the President was planned when he was visiting Chicago. It was not the FBI’s jurisdiction, so they simply passed the information on to Secret Service agent Lawrence Stocks. “Lee” had told the FBI of a four-man conspiracy; four men who were rightwing fanatics carrying rifles with telescopic sights. “Lee” believed the attempt would occur at one of the Northwest Expressway overpasses.

The conspiracy realized LHO was a mole in their organization for the other side.

Lee's "left" leaning had some substance, as an unloved and neglected kid, he pulled for the under dog, hence he would be and was a VEHEMENT PRO-JFK supporter with no motive whatsoever to kill him. Harvey Oswald not Lee--was certainly a HERO who gave his life trying to save JFK one time too many.

Transportation for the Patsy?

Conveniently provided by next-door neighbor Frazier.